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Today is the start of a great week for both parents and students! Today your student is heading off to a life-changing experience at MIX! This is also an opportunity for you to have a weeklong rest from the exhausting job of parenting, or to at least have one less kid in the house!

For some of you this will be a challenge. Maybe this is the first time you’ve sent your child away on a trip or maybe your child struggles with homesickness. Even though sending your child to MIX is a big step, it’s a step in the right direction.

While at MIX your student will learn what it means to join God’s rhythm by being a Kingdom Worker. We will be studying through the book of Ephesians to learn why it’s important to look like Jesus, love other people, and shout the name of Jesus for others to hear. We want to give you the same opportunity.

Each morning at 7:30am we will send out a devotional so you can engage in the same content that your student will be engaging in while at MIX. The devotionals will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We strongly encourage you to use these devotionals not only to be challenged yourself but to set yourself up to have great talking points with your child when we return.

If you ever need to contact the Christ’s Church Student Ministry team or myself don’t hesitate! My cell phone number is (918) 906–2248 and my email is drake.holderman@ccochurch.com. I look forward to parenting with you to prepare your student to discover completeness in Jesus.

-Drake Holderman

End Here:

This first night of MIX your child will hear two HUGE truths. Your child will hear that they were chosen by God and that Jesus died for them. For a seventh or eighth grade student that has seismic implications. At this stage of life a lot of students are building the foundation for what will become their worldview. Knowing that God chose them to do good works and knowing that Jesus died to free them from their sins is a great place to start when building a worldview.

The rest of the devotionals will have places for you to read scripture and reflect on your own life but on this first day of MIX we ask that you pray three things for your student and then one thing for the adults on the trip.

  1. Pray your child would not be distracted by stuff like drama, bugs, or a sugar rush from eating too much candy.
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak powerfully through the preacher, small groups leaders, and Jr. High students so your child hears the truth of God.
  3. Pray your child would be encouraged by others as well as be an encouragement to others so everyone at MIX will have a positive experience with God this week.
  4. Ask God to give the adult leaders going to MIX an energy boost each day so they can be attentive, joyful, and compassionate with the students.

We hope these devotionals bless you, encourage you, and remind you what joining God’s rhythm looks like as a parent. Be sure to go through tomorrow’s devotional titled: Kingdom Workers Look…

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