Important Guidelines For Split Air Conditioning Installation London

There are a few guidelines and steps followed in installing an air conditioner unit. It is a crucial job whether it is a spilt air conditioning unit or a window AC as the proper functionality, life and thereby the value on your investment will rely entirely on its effective installation. On the other hand if it is installed improperly you will not have the optimum cooling effect, frequent maintenance and repairs, reduced life expectancy and increased bills of energy. In short, your investment will be bad. To avoid all these know about the steps to ensure the unit is installed just as desired by the manufacturer.

Consider The Strength Of Wall

There are several factors that need to be considered during split air conditioning installation London and to start with the strength of the wall to hold the air conditioning unit is important. The wall should be strong enough to hold the weight of the indoor unit of the split AC. The next important factor to consider during installation is the spacing between wall and that of the air conditioner indoor unit and according to the specification of the manufacturer. Ideally it should be at least 15 cm away from the wall to allow enough open space around its top and sides. This will ensure proper air flow.

Height And Angle

Two of the most significant aspects to look for during installing air conditioning unit to ensure proper functionality are the height of the indoor unit from the ground and the tilt angle. Following the instructions of the manufacturers the indoor unit should be installed as a height of 7 to 8 feet above the ground level. Such appropriate installation height will ensure adequate cooling effect inside the room. The tilt angle of indoor unit is the next important thing to consider while fixing the aluminium bracket on wall. This will ensure that the condensed water has an unrestricted flow inside the drain pipe.

Location And Placement

Location and placement of the indoor as well as the outdoor unit of the split AC is also very important to note during air conditioning installation London. It should be away from water and direct sunlight to ensure proper cooling without any hindrance in the dissipation of heat from the condenser. The outdoor unit must be placed on a flat surface that is strong and rigid to eliminate excessive vibration and reduced performance of essential components like compressor, condenser and fan motor inside it.

Distance Between Indoor And Outdoor Unit

Lastly, correct distance between the two units of the split AC should be maintained. This is required to reduce the chances of any loss of cooling effect in the air when the refrigerant flows between the two units. The ideal distance should be about 15 meters.