I won’t be teaching a topic or any general school-like information. I will be teaching a process, and a way of thinking about and tackling problems. What I will be teaching is called the Design Thinking process. Without giving too much information away beforehand, the Design Thinking process is a format people follow when designing products. These products range anywhere from a computer mouse, a comfy chair, or a glass bottle for the coca cola company. The reason this process is so great is because it can also go hand in hand with solving everyday problems, and most of you probably go through these steps without even realizing it. It’s a fairly simple process so it would be best not to do any before class reading on it, however that doesn’t mean no work will be needed.

For an assignment, I want you to think of a problem you once had. It doesn’t have to be personal or school related or anything, but it has to have been a big enough problem that you had a lot of trouble solving it. (I.E I was assigned a three month long group project but one of my partners dropped out of school the day after it was assigned.) A problem that presented you with a real challenge. Along with what the problem was, write about how the problem happened and why it was a problem. It sounds redundant but do it anyway and don’t ask questions. I will go over that in the lesson plan. Then, in the same blog, talk a little bit on how you went about solving the problem.