My Final Post

Here it is folks. The final blog post. The post to end all other blog posts, or just tie them all together, but to each their own. From September to just yesterday on December 5th, there have been blog posts about our wacky adventures in WSP 101. It’s been a long time of blogging, my friends, and I’ll write all about it when you read it below.

September 20th, Five Learning Principles

My first blog post was about our learning principles. The learning principles that i talked about in that blog post were some of my favorite. They are learn what you want to learn, compromise with yourself, take notes that you find useful, expand on your learning, and check your sources. If you want to learn more, can always go read it!

September 27th, Attention is Uncomfortable

This is a blog post that really made me think. It had me take attention to myself when I was using media and when I wasn’t using social media. It made me realize that I was never actually by myself when on my computer, but I was mostly always talking with some of my friends. Every time I took a log, I noticed that I wasn’t really alone. Later, after I posted this assignment, I also noticed that I never take any time anymore to just sit down and relax. I’m always on or doing something that involves electronics. Read more about it here!

October 4th, Is there life outside of earth?

This was a blog post about what one big question we want to know the answer too. I, of course, chose this. I’ve always loved and been interested in just how big our universe is. In the post I go into just how big it actually is. Our planet isn’t even a noticeable spec of dust in the vast expansions of space. If you want to see those numbers, go here!

October 18th, E.T Is Out There, Probably…

This blog post is directly related to out big question, mine being about life in space. For this assignment we had to go and research some possible sources that could get us on track to answering any of these crazy questions. We looked at Ted Talks and did extra research on our question. I researched about if life would be possible to find. If you want to watch the Ted Talk I did, here it is below!

If you want the TL;DW (too long, didn’t watch) version of this ted talk, hop over to my blog post here!


This was a blog post I did when I was going to be the first student teacher. This blog post was talking about a way to solve problems and create things using a process called the Design Thinking Process. I decided to change my presentation, and luckily there was a free day to do so. I canceled this project, but if you want to read about what could have been, come over here!

November 27th, Santa Claus is going to war!

This here was a blog post I did as a homework assignment for one of our student teachers. We we’re supposed to talk about one version of Santa Claus that we know, AND we were told to be creative about it. This is why I chose Futurama’s Evil Robot Santa. He is my favorite version of Santa Claus, and if you want to see for yourself click here!

December 5th, Video Games and Mental Health

This here is my actual blog post about what I will be teaching. Here I talk about what I will be going over in class, which is video games and their relationship to some aspects of mental health. There is also a homework assignment that you can do if you read it here!

December 6th, Addiction in Social Media

My final blog post. This last blog post was about addiction and social media, or really it’s asking about why people can get addicted to social media. I know about addiction myself, but I don’t see how people can get addicted to social media. I actually go into several aspects on my thoughts on how people can get addicted, like talking about if people do it for attention. If you want to read more, go here!

And there it is folks. The end of my last blog post. I always thought that social media was just something that was there, but really it’s not that old. It’s been with my generation forever, but to the generations above me it’s this wonderful new thing that can keep people together. If I was myself, but 100 years ago, I wouldn’t be able to instantly find out if there is life out there. I wouldn’t be able to send my friend a message at two in the morning. I wouldn’t be able to do anything I talked about here.

Using these blogs, I was also really able to learn about the other people in my class. I’ve been here for three years and yet I’ve never really looked at what my fellow classmates do. In this class, we have gotten closer than any other class I’ve had, basically ever. Also, through the student teachings we have learned SO MUCH MORE about each other. I had no idea Ty was such television and film buff! If more classes were this connected I think they could actually be easier!

And with my final thought, I log off of WSP101.

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