Going that Extra Mile

Meet my new buddy Henrietta. Dropped my car off for repairs this afternoon… right as a crazy downpour started. Now standing there soaking wet, the guys at the garage were concerned about me getting home — I assured them I’d take an Uber when the super shuttle driver who was getting her oil changed said nope, not a chance… so off we went.. Henrietta had me jump into her shuttle and she drove me home.

She’s the proud mom of 7 year old adorable twins (boy & girl). She was born in Cameroon and doesn’t get back as often as she would like. As I hopped out she gave me her phone number “in case you need a ride.. or even if you need to borrow my car”….. wait, what?

All it takes to brighten up your day is an awesome conversation like my discussion with Henrietta today. All too often in our day we focus merely on getting from point A to point B….or checking the next thing off our to-do list — when instead, we should be focusing on our next interaction with an actual person. Look up from your phone, say hello, and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger… You never know what you’ll learn.