Tarot & Astrological Wisdom for the Full Moon in Aries

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Blessings for this Full Moon in Aries! Tonight’s lunation underlines the theme of sacred boundaries, and how important they are to our personal and universal well being. Often times when we think of boundaries, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, negativity and fear. Focusing on what you don’t want, and how to keep it in check can be a daunting task. This full moon, I encourage you to check in with your boundaries, no matter how large or small, to see if they continue to serve you well, or if some boundaries need a refresher. Instead of focusing on what you want to keep outside of the boundary line, meditate on what it is that you want to protect within that line. This act of protection, instead of opposition, is what turns a boundary into a sacred boundary, and can relieve a lot of the tension surrounding this topic. Instead of focusing on the people and things that drain your energy, honor your precious time by consciously immersing yourself with what fulfills you most, whether that be good friends, healing music, or time with yourself in calming silence. Boundaries aren’t just about what sucks or fulfills the invisible aspects of our life such as time or energy. Our physical bodies serve as a boundary as well. Fill your body with good things to protect the health and vitality of your being with nutrient and vitamin rich foods, instead of keeping the focus on what a diet or health trend might not allow you to eat. As this Full Moon is expansive in nature, it’s calling goes far beyond our personal boundaries. Right now, we are collectively being asked to decide what is and isn’t acceptable within our societies, and what we will and won’t stand for. This is more than just drawing a line in the sand or denouncing someone or something without actions to follow through. It’s time to take stock of the qualities in life that you believe to be sacred: time, energy, bodies, minds, animals, plants, human rights, equality, democracy, the Earth, freedom… whatever they may be, think about these things. Actively decide what you are going to do to protect these things between now and October 16th’s New Moon in Libra, and what you can do to carry on these protections into the next moon cycle and beyond. If this still sounds like an intimidating task, fear not. Aries is here with the strength of the ram and the courage of the archetypal warrior to help us stand our ground and assert ourselves where we need it most. Bask in the light of the moon and while you absorb her lunar rays, envision yourself receiving all of the passion, fearlessness and determination to protect all of your sacred boundaries.

Ritual: Casting a Protective Circle

In the moonlight, take a moment to express gratitude for your place in the interconnectedness of the cosmos. Channel the courage and strength of Aries and set an intention to use that strength to honor your sacred boundaries and to protect what is most important to you. Use your pointer finger or magick wand to draw an imaginary circle around your body. In your mind’s eye, watch your circle grow into a protective bubble or force field surrounding your physical body and your body’s energy field. Allow your bubble to glow with a light that is the color of your choosing. Then decide what can and can not go through the layers of your protective bubble. Things like love and healing may be welcome in your circle while other qualities you may prefer to keep outside of your glowing circular boundary. Allow this circle to act as a protective boundary for yourself. You may recast this circle as often as you choose. Then think back to your meditation on what it is that you want to protect during this moon cycle and beyond. Cast a second protective circle around the person, object or idea that you wish to protect, and set an intention under the moonlight to take action this week in honoring your sacred boundaries and to protect what is worth protecting most. Blessed be.

Claire Christine Sargenti is a certified yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, crystal therapist, psychic reader and practicing witch. She is available for private tarot readings by phone. Please visit her website for more information. www.clairevoyant.org

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Claire Christine Sargenti is a practicing witch, intuitive reader and healer. She is available for private phone tarot readings. www.clairevoyant.org