#CCServices on Retro-Commisioning

William Meng, project manager at Crescent Construction Services, explains how to quickly identify structrural issues, drain problems, & more.

Retro-commissioning is a process where our service crew analyzes the fundamentals of an existing property to locate issues and discrepancies.

The most common reason that remodels or up fits do not follow as planned are due to lack of communication relative to unforeseen challenges. It’s simply not as easy as building from the ground up. In the haste of trying to meet deadlines and maintain open lines of communication, and often times, sub standard quality is propositioned and accepted. The quality of the commissioning service is only as good as the quality of the due diligence, commissioning verifies the scope of work and proper resolution of recommended deficiencies.

Commissioning services begin the moment due diligence is complete. Follow up to ensure that the critical repairs and recommendations from the due diligence inspection report are the first steps to ensuring a worth while project. From there, drain commissioning services assist the engineering team, construction managers, and contractors to ensure that the final product exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Call it spring cleaning, a makeover, or a major overhaul — communication and quality are essential in a retro project. With a retro commissioning program, your project is more than just stirring up the dust — you’re given a quality tested and approved up fit.

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