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My standing desk setup for Zoom and recording

I am fortunate to be able to work from home temporarily. While there are few things I might do a little differently if this were a permanent setup, I have been very happy with my work from home setup that I put together. I wanted to detail the process, what I used and why, and share my experience. A detailed product list (affiliate links) will be included at the end of this article.

Back in March I had to suddenly switch to a fully remote work environment. I was used to my office setup, which has a big U-shaped desk and dual monitor computer setup. Plenty of workspace, both physically and digitally. Now I was working off of my laptop, switching time between my living room and bedroom. It was not ideal, but soon I found a good workflow and my productivity started to soar. …

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Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

It can be easy to hate. Much easier than to love. Someone doesn’t think like you, or is mean to you, or a host of other things are all reasons people hate. …

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My Journal

This is the story of how I implemented my own minimalist bullet journal and how I use it almost every day. I hope it helps you to not be intimidated by very complex setups and encourages you to begin journaling!

In The Beginning

Back in my college days in the mid-90’s I used a weekly planner to keep track of everything. I didn’t do a very disciplined or effective job at keeping things working smoothly, so as the technology to do so emerged I moved to an all digital solution. However, I ran into several issues with all digital, the main problem being it is not always quick or convenient to pull out a device and type away. So a couple of years back I looked into using a paper planner again. I tried for two years, using a very well designed planner that just wasn’t for me. The pre-printed slots were both inspirational and limiting. …


Christopher C. Taverna

He/Him/His - Agent of positive change, actively participating in all aspects of my life with hope, optimism, and positivity. - Husband, Father, Friend - ENFJ

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