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My standing desk setup for Zoom and recording

I am fortunate to be able to work from home temporarily. While there are few things I might do a little differently if this were a permanent setup, I have been very happy with my work from home setup that I put together. I wanted to detail the process, what I used and why, and share my experience. A detailed product list (affiliate links) will be included at the end of this article.

Back in March I had to suddenly switch to a fully remote work environment. I was used to my office setup, which has a big U-shaped desk…

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Hatred paralyzes life;
Love releases it.
Hatred confuses life;
Love harmonizes it.
Hatred darkens life;
Love illuminates it.

~Martin Luther King, Jr

It can be easy to hate. Much easier than to love. Someone doesn’t think like you, or is mean to you, or a host of other things are all reasons people hate. I think in the simplest terms many people have been conditioned in society to find hate easier than love. Love is often conflated with romance, and once you mix in some homophobia, toxic gender roles, and puritanical views it isn’t hard to see why some people…

My Journal

This is the story of how I implemented my own minimalist bullet journal and how I use it almost every day. I hope it helps you to not be intimidated by very complex setups and encourages you to begin journaling!

In The Beginning

Back in my college days in the mid-90’s I used a weekly planner to keep track of everything. I didn’t do a very disciplined or effective job at keeping things working smoothly, so as the technology to do so emerged I moved to an all digital solution. However, I ran into several issues with all digital, the main problem being…

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When thinking about using lists to help keep track of the things you have to do, everybody who uses lists either has one list for everything or multiple (often many) lists. While I often believe that there are no inherently “right” ways to do something, everyone has to find the “right” way that works best for them, for me I have found that when it comes to to-do lists two is the optimal number of lists to have.

Why Two?

Let’s break this down based on whether you are a one list for everything person or a multiple list person.

If you…

Wearing my Buffer socks :)

While I tend to be a very brand-loyal person, when I find a product/company that I like I stick with them, there are few companies I follow out of pure adoration. All that changed back in early 2014 when I found out about a social media scheduler called Buffer. At the time I was two years into a gig as a talent development professional and building a Twitter presence, both for myself and my organization. One of the ways I accomplished that is through content curation. Buffer makes it easy to queue up curated articles and commentary and then automatically…

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I have a very strong preference for Extraversion when looking at my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Some workplaces attract people with a specific preference. My day job is in Information Technology, where many people have a preference for Introversion. But before I get too involved in telling this story, let’s be clear on some basic definitions.

I am talking about Extraversion and Introversion as is laid out in the MBTI, not popular culture. There are a few key differences. Primarily, this is talking about preference, not a static state. I prefer Extraversion, but that doesn’t mean I can’t function in…

While there are many places to look for personal development, sometimes reading established books can give you a lot of great ideas. As in the quote above, I find it very useful to pick and choose from the many techniques available and put my own personal spin on them. I am fond of saying “There’s no one right way, just many ways that may work for you.”

Here are 10 books (in alphabetical order by author, affiliate links) that I’ve found useful, as well as a little bit from me on why each book is meaningful to me:

  1. The Happiness…

Resilience is the process of bouncing back after adversity. Having resilience doesn’t mean you can prevent adversity, but that you can bounce back from difficult circumstances and experiences. Resilience is something that everyone can learn to improve.

Here are 10 ways you can build your resilience:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others — Accept yourself for who you are. This doesn’t meant that you don’t strive for personal development, but that you recognize your worth as you are. When you compare yourself to someone else you may be comparing the beginning of your journey with the end of someone else’s. …

Focus can apply to larger long-term goals as well as the immediate task at hand. I like to think of focus as the rudder on a ship. Without a rudder a ship will still move around, but only where the wind and current take it, not necessarily in the intended direction. Focus is the same way, you can still get things done without intentional focus, but those actions might not reflect your goals and aspirations.

You’ll note I said intentional focus above. It is quite possible to unintentionally focus on something and then that focus will determine your outcome or…

I’ve previously shared 7 Ways To Prioritize Your Tasks And Get Stuff Done and I hope you’ve found that helpful. That dealt with the question of How but I never addressed the Why. And although I didn’t follow Simon Sinek’s advice and start with why, I do want to answer the Why, why is it important, why should you care about prioritizing your tasks.

The short answer is that prioritizing your tasks gives you control over your life. When we make choices and have control we are better able to accept the bad with the good.

If we don’t prioritize…

Christopher C. Taverna

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