Reduce Your Weight By A Cup of Green Tea

Losing weight is never easy. Especially when you are seriously looking for a weight loss supplement and you even find one, then it is time you call it a miracle. Having a healthy weight with supplements is very much unimaginable. There is nothing that can get you a weight which you actually call healthy in a day or two or even a fortnight. Consuming fewer calories everyday than the usual amount can help in weight loss. But one can always find ways to burn that unwanted fat faster and loose weight. And there is this one product that has proven to be really promising in supporting weight loss is the green tea. A cup of caffeine free teas every single day can help you get a healthy weight.

There were studies conducted in the past that have shown green tea regulate the amount of insulin and it also reduces the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. The consumption of green tea helps in speeding up the process of metabolism which results in fat burning at a faster rate. It even deactivates or turn off those hunger-triggering receptors.

If you look at the overall effects of green tea, it is extremely healthy. It contains a number of antioxidants that assist in maintaining health and help you lead a long and disease-free life. The functioning of neutralizing the free radicals helps in healthy longevity.

Green tea due to the presence of antioxidants helps in keeping the diseases at bay and thus effectively prevents ageing process. Their also have been some diets reported that work on hampering the cancer and cardiovascular diseases. So shed a few pounds as you consume green tea.

Green tea is rich in several components that are good for human body and lacks certain that are bad for humans. Say like caffeine which is generally found in the black tea or coffee is an altogether a different one which is found in the green tea. That is why as you drink a cup of green tea you do not experience those jitters or nothing happens like speeding up of your heart rate. Coffee or tea can do those to your health because they have caffeine in it.

Caffeine in green tea is known to enhance the process of metabolism. And then there are these catechins which are the green tea’s anti-oxidants. They are metabolites of polyphenolic antioxidant plant and are actively found in a number of plants including the coffee and cocoa. The source in which the catechins is found the most is the Camellia sinensis plant i.e. the tea plant.

The most important amino acid which the green tea contains is the theanine. This compound has the ability to release dopamine and induce the relaxation process.