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Last year, I’d been enrolled in an agile development project, and the most important thing I learned from this experience is that, there needs to be more cross-collaboration between designers and developers. But before explaining why and how (in my humble, and personal opinion), let’s talk about the users, or should I say, people?

As a UI/UX Designer, whenever I think about users=people, one of the immediate things that comes to mind is this quote:

“Having empathy is an important skill as a designer because at the end of the day you’re designing something to make someone’s life better. In…

I was in the final year of my BA degree in Communication Design when I started sending out CVs for a curricular internship (trainee position) abroad in Norway 🇳🇴. One particular company in Oslo caught my attention — a small girly and friendly digital studio focusing on UX and handcrafting Wordpress web pages and blogs. …

Cristina Tulcidas

A tireless thinker, seeker of knowledge and self-aware introvert. ML Product Designer.

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