50 Projects — 2017

Bootstrapping my way to 100 Customers

My personal challenge this year is a set of projects that I will complete in an effort to get 100 paying customers for my process improvement tool — Pearlo.co

For the past 11 weeks I have produced an update about my 50 projects as a blog post within my LinkedIn account. As many of you know, LinkedIn has retired a significant amount of functionality. Many of those capabilities directly impact my ability to share my posts with as many people as possible. I am publishing my week #12 update via Medium to try out this new platform and to see if the sharing is improved.

Let me know your thoughts about the new space and the ease with which you are able to view and share. I’ll decide in a couple of weeks whether or not to return to LinkedIn for posts.

Week #12 — Develop Google Forms and notices to announce the invitational hackathon and post online.

I am still working directly with BETA Users to get feedback for the Pearlo product and its planned functionality. I have a significant amount of requirements collected from my own internal thoughts about the product and, coupled with the user inputs I’ve received, I believe there is quite enough to begin activities to solidify the operational MVP.

This week I developed a Google form for prospective hack-a-thon participants to fill out. I also made some LinkedIn and Twitter adverstisements to attract people to the forms. I need to find some additional outlets to share this so that I can attract as many applicants as possible. This is an invitation-only event but we have to increase the amount of applications to ensure we have a good pool of participants.

snapshot of the Google form
snapshot of Twitter announcement

Once I shared these initial announcements, I heard from an avid supporter of the Startup community here in the DC/MD/VA area and the leader of the area’s Emerging Technology Meetup. She let me know that she was also planning a hack-a-thon and that we could possibly join forces to put on an even bigger/better event. We’re still working to see if this will be possible and how best we can synergize our desired outcomes. In the interim, she gave me the idea to contact places such as The Iron Yard, General Assembly and local colleges/universities to get their help recruiting event participants skilled in the NLP/ML/DL technical areas.

Please let me know what you think! Leave a comment or send me a note. Participate in the BETA User program by signing up here. Next, I’ll complete Week #13 Find sponsors to cover costs of hack-a-thon (venue, food, prizes). Develop announcement to prospective sponsors as well as general sponsor invite.

Projects Completed To-Date:

week #1 Develop Copy to Send to BETA Users

week #2 Deliver BETA User Message Directly and on Social Media

weeks #3 & 4 Manually Manipulate Inputs and Provide Customized Responses

week #5 Develop and Distribute survey to BETA User participants

weeks #6 — #8 Develop technical specifications to align with each phase of the product

week #9 Develop a case sharing the experience and testimony of a BETA User

week #10 Determine metrics to measure ROI and performance

week #11 Develop selection criteria for invitational hackathon event