Artful Life Lesson #1: Death, Ghosts and Real Estate Law!

The art of finding the perfect home for a family can sometimes be a bit tentacle as we professionals attempt to do the right things while sometimes the law can provoke or prevent long term associations.

Understanding the delicacy of wordsmiths while working thru overwhelming obstacles is important.

A few years back I had a client who was more than an associate, and less than a friend. I had known Client M for approximately two years before we decided to interact professionally. This built the basic trust and foundation for our working relationship.

Client Ms only request in finding a home was no ghosts. After several months of looking we finally found the perfect home… until…

Approximately three months later, Client M was in a nearby grocery store where her neighbor spotted her and walked straight up to her and specifically asked…. “Have you seen the female ghost in your home?,” to which Client M commented that she’d felt something odd and not ever saw anything strange or physical.

As soon as Client M left the grocery store, she contacted me for questioning as to the legality of whether I or the other selling Realtor was aware of the death on property.

After further review of the situation, the Listing Agent eventually expressed there had been a death many years prior to the sale of the home. In the state of California, the statute of limitations is 3 years to which released the seller from having to convey the material fact.

In the interim, my client was a bit mystified on how when asked a direct question, she could not receive a direct answer. While we are still friendly acquaintances, I do believe I lost a bit of her trust as a buyer.

God Law, Universal Law, Man Law and Family Law… we must find strength in the truth of ordinary obstacles that allow us to persevere and endure thru overwhelming challenges that life brings us sometimes…

Good news, after 5 years, Client M is a happy home owner and continues to live and love her current home we purchased many years ago!

Stay tuned for more stories from UrGo2Girl for Real Estate!

Christine Cerda, MBA-GM

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I am a realtor, consultant, and public speaker currently living in Fresno, California. My interests range from music to entrepreneurship.