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Ladies and gentlemen,

Today we are proud to announce the release of CCXT Pro.

CCXT Pro — A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading API for professionals

We are certain that it will be useful to any and every high frequency trader, and to all parties and services that need WebSockets for real-time updates.

A lot of work over months has gone into what is now the release version of the product. We will continue to develop both CCXT and CCXT Pro in the coming future adding more exchanges and unifying WebSocket methods.

With CCXT Pro you can utilize WebSockets like a pro. Visit to be part of the future of cryptocurrency exchange trading.

Hello world, it’s CCXT. This is the first blog post in our series! Today we will examine Google Colab and how useful it can be for quick prototyping and testing your ideas.

Google Colab is basically a cloud version of Jupyter Notebooks — a tool well-known among data scientists and ML specialists. It allows to write code in Python and see the result immediately — either in plain text or structured into sophisticated tables with graphics, backed by an enormous count of useful Python libraries for data crunching and visualization.

Start by creating a new Python 3 notebook:

Then type…


#1 CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading Library

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