1095 Days Later

Behold Homies,

The first blog post from the real deal Doyle, 1095 days after it’s initial inception. Having a blog is on every to-do list I’ve ever made and it seems like good craic so to start the year in proper champion fashion, here we are, doing things I want to do but never do. Every year I make lists of goals that never get done, all those dreams and ideas wasted away on the to-do lists of the past.

This year, my friends we will do the shit we shoulda done years ago.

A little self-reflection always helps.
I’d say, in the same amount of time, I spent on social media last year I could have starred in, written and directed a feature-length film. I saw Conor Mcgregor more times than I saw my parents. Over Christmas, I spent hours reading losers discussing why the new Star Wars was shite. So yesterday, I deleted all social media from my phone. Got fucking rid of it all. I realised it makes me feel sad because I waste so much fucking time looking at shite online that I don’t even care about.

I did this to eliminate all the unnecessary distractions out of my life in order to boost that sweet productivity baby.

Now, look, don’t get me wrong, last year was pretty good for me. I started my own business and it’s ballin’, I’m cashin’ cheques and crackin’ bottles at the weekend baby. I enjoy the work, It’s fun and last week I bought a 50'inch 4k TV. Life is good.

But the things on the lists are the things that I personally want to do. Business doesn’t really do it for me. It’s great to make money and take pride in your job. But I don’t really relate work to success. Success is happiness. The things I never do are the things that make me happy. So, why do I put other things, like work, ahead of them? Who the fuck knows, but everyone does it, year in and year out.

Not this year mother fuckers.

Tell me then, what’s the plan Daddio?

  1. Write a list of goals.

2. Spend 90 minutes working towards those goals first thing every morning. This is when you are at peak productivity, make the most of it! Read more about this here

3. No more excuses. Nothing is more powerful than your own brain trying to convince you to not do something. It’ll do it within seconds. That’s the loser part of your brain talking, don’t give into it. Conquer it. Fight the resistance. Here is a great book about this

4. Consistency / Compound effect is key. Instead of trying to do everything at once, take baby steps. Aim to progress towards your goal 1% a day. In 100 days you will be 100% closer. Read more about this here

5. Don’t be scared homie. Don’t fear the fear. If you want to do something you gotta listen to Nike. Just do it. Don’t worry about anyone else, you’ll regret it if you do.

Let’s see how much shit we get done in the next two weeks this way.

May the force be with you homie!


Calvin Doyle.

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