Terrorism in World and in Turkey — Data Analysis (Visualization)


Terrorism is a systematic use of violence to spread fear and mostly practiced by political organizations and religious groups. It became one of the biggest problem in our world. According to researchs one of the problems that must be solved immediately is global terrorism. I tried to analyse terrorist attacks which occured between 1970–2017 in the world and closer look to terrorist attacks happened in Turkey.

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Apparently Middle East & North Africa and South Asia had suffered from terrorist attacks more than the other regions. Also as you can see below 58% of attacks target to Middle East & North Africa and South Asia regions.

Total people killed by terrorists between 1970 and 2007: 194936
Total people killed by terrorists between 2008 and 2017: 216932

As we can see after 2007 more people were killed than between 1970 and 2007. Most of these people were killed by

  • Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) : 55697
  • Taliban: 27457
  • Boko Haram: 20328
  • When we look these groups we can see ISIL mostly active in Iraq and Syria, Taliban in Afghanistan and Boko Haram in Nigeria

After 2010 in Middle East & North Africa and South Asia terrorist attacks raised sharply.


Between late 80’s and early 90’s terrorist attacks were raised and it reached its peak. We can see Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)’s attacks are correlated with that. After their leader Abdullah Ocalan was caught by Turkish Army their activity drop down. After 2014 we can observe same scenario: aggressively raise and sharply down.

Top 30 Cities Attacked by Terrorists

Attacks Types of Terrorists

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