How I Stumbled Upon The Internet’s Biggest Blind Spot
Nadia Eghbal

A very relevant and interesting post. There is a parallel discourse that may be relevant: the relative difficulty of open source-based startups in identifying the proper business model. Many companies I talked to in past research efforts basically believed that “if you create something that millions use, VCs will give us money and then we’ll find something” which is not a business model in itself (especially after 2008). When we did the business model survey for FLOSSMETRICS (which is partially described here ) we found that very few companies understand their market, their customer propensity for paying or have a plan for sustainability if no more funding arrives.

Which is a complex and largely ignored aspect of a larger problem- entrepreneurship is difficult in itself! To the startup founders I meet in conferences, I usually suggest to try to make a pitch deck (like those prepared for VC or angel events) and try to present it to pitch events, not to get money but feedback. It is still one of the most useful exercises, yet largely ignored.

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