5 tools 4 me

Before my son was born, I was naive about motherhood. I believed I would be able to do it all. After all, I’ve thrive in the past with my plate full; I led teams on block busters movies, raced full-time bicycles at the highest regional level, and took markteing classes at the same time. Why couldn’t I be a great mom and persue my personal growth at the same time and at the same speed as I was use to?

Then my son was born.

Now after over two years and after gone through sleepless weeks, hormonal, physical and mental changes, I’m ok with my new life. Now I choose to spend my time with my son but that doesn’t mean I don’t want and need to grow as a person. I do it all but at a different speed, with baby steps.

Here are 5 tools that I use to take advantage of the limited me time I have.

TOOL #1: take care of me.

I’m not a good mom or person if I’m not ok. I need to make sure I have a solid fundation to stand on each days. This doesn’t mean just my body but also my mind, time, and money.

  1. BODY. I sleep as much as I can. I try to eat well even when my son has kept me up at night. But sometime I just have to accept that chocolate is probably one of the food groups. I workout and I don’t beat myself up if I have to skip it. I dress in clothes that makes me happy.
  2. MIND. I keep a positive state of mind by listening to music, to inspiring stories, and gather strength from past accomplishments. I keep of daily journal of things I am grateful for and why I’m grateful.
  3. TIME. I respect my time and plan my days to make sure I spend my time how I want to spend my time.
  4. MONEY. I know my cost, my revenues, and my investments.

TOOL #2: know where I am going.

At the beginning of this year I analyzed my whole life — mind, body, relationships, money, and growth. I looked at where I was and where I wanted to be in a year. I dreamed big.

For each part of my life, I created a stretch goal (the WHAT) and then backed it up with the WHY. After that, I created action items (SMART goals) that would move me towards the stretch goal. I focused on gaining habits instead of reaching a goal. For example, instead of reaching a number on the scale my goals is to adopt a healthy diet.

I then identified my constraints and accepted them. I don’t have much me time and I am ok with this because I choose to spend my time with my son.

Eventhough my progress is slow, I still do track and review it. I try to learn from what works and what doesn’t and readjust my goals. My progress is consistent. I move the ball forward each day but somedays I don’t. And I’m ok with that.

TOOL #3: know what I can control.

I remind myself what I can control — my focus, my effort, my language — and then focus on that. It helps me not to feel overwhelmed, out of control, and disorganized.

TOOL #4: keep learning.

I love learning, it inspires me, it makes me happy. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks when ever I can. It allows me to multi-task.

TOOL #5: know what is working.

When I started racing bicycles, I did every rookie mistake there was. So after each races, I wrote down things I should and shouldn’t do. I read that list before each race until it became ingrained in me. Now, I’ve started a list of what works and what doesn’t work for me. To make sure I make the most of every day.

These are the tools that help me, what tools do rely on?