Nike Clothes Allow for Success in Sports

The title of this commercial for Nike is, “Short a guy”. In this commercial a teenage boy is shown walking down the street eating a popsicle when a guy asks if he would like to join them in a game of basketball because they are short a guy. The boy then agrees and suddenly changes into Nike apparel. He is then shown playing very well, but when the ball goes into the street, a group of runners asks him to join them because they are short a guy as well. He then changes in to Nike running gear and starts running in the race. This cycle then continues with many other sports, all with the boy’s own set of full Nike equipment and apparel. The boy is shown as being very good at all of these sports and is able to keep up with professionals. This commercial uses the need to achieve appeal to effectively convey that with Nike clothes or equipment, anyone can be good at a sport.

To start off, the commercial shows that with Nike equipment, even someone that is inexperienced at a sport can become a competitive player simply by wearing Nike clothes and equipment. At the beginning of the commercial, the boy is wearing a plain red sweatshirt, riding a skateboard, and eating a popsicle. He appears in no way prepared to participate in a game of basketball, volleyball, or lacrosse. But once he is given the Nike gear, he jumps right into the game, plays very competitively, and exceeds most people’s abilities for sports. By wearing Nike clothes, he was able to achieve success in numerous different sporting events.

Furthermore, this advertisement is effective because it could influence the audience to buy Nike clothes and equipment if they wish to excel in their particular sport. By seeing this boy compete in the different sporting events, Nike shows the audience that they produce products for almost every sport and that they will help you succeed as well. If a person is new to a sport or is trying to get better, they will then be influenced to buy Nike products because they think that will allow them to achieve something greater than they had before.

In conclusion, Nike created a very effective advertisement showcasing their wide variety of sports equipment and apparel. While new clothes and equipment may only increase your ability slightly, many people and athletes will purchase Nike products because they are depicted as what top athletes use and what may give them their winning edge. By using Nike equipment and wearing Nike apparel, it allows people to achieve success in their sport quickly while looking good as well.

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