USA Will Be Alright?

We are just hours removed from one of the most historical farewell speeches of all time from our Commander In-Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama. It does not matter where on the political spectrum you fall on in this country, understand that these past eight years where historic. Even understand that every moment in US History was important and led up to this. Whether good, or bad his two terms has meant “something” to so many citizens of this country and world.

Given the fact that the United States has just come off one of the most controversial elections in history with our soon to be President-Elect Donald Trump, this has left many wondering where do we go from here? Citizens are left wondering what will happen to the economy, healthcare, jobs and foreign-relations within the military? With so much uncertainty and a leader who seems to not have a verbal filter, many citizens are fearful.

Personally, this is why I believe that despite everything that has happened the USA has never stopped being great. Greatness is what you make of it based on your reality. Are things in this country fair, equal, or perfect? Well, that depends on who you are asking. That depends on what the perspective is and what the “American Dream” means to you. Some say financial gain, great-health, great-food, clean water, infrastructure, family and love etc. Well why can’t it just be all of that?

We live in a society that molds our perspective to fit marketing agendas making the one percent even wealthier. So many categories and labels create more division. Our concerns tend to be more material-related, or showing off to others than internal fulfillment. Who told us that we need big homes, big cars, fancy jewelry, the latest fashion and millions of dollars to fill satisfied? Of course it was the media, but no one said that you had to act on these things.

We tend to be so divided which is all based on media-formed perception of one another. We are comfortable in our own marketed bias that we are missing the true “American Dream” which is “UNITY”. Is this country founded on racism, greed, government corruption, crime and perversion, yes, but we the people have the power to change the narrative now.

How do we change the narrative, it’s simple by getting real with ourselves as people ridding ourselves of all divisional ideology and focusing on what the true threat in the world is. That threat, is us, flawed humanity. We all come from different backgrounds and perspectives, but what make us all unique is that we are all human, despite, race, religion and politics we are one human body. So as we are now here in 2017, I end this article by quoting the great philosopher Kendrick Lamar, USA don’t worry because “WE GONE BE ALRIGHT”.

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