400 Trillion to 1.

Let me just start this post off by thanking the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk. He is the most realist person on this earth. I love his morals on practicality and self awareness.

The reason for my thanks is this..

I’m 22 years old thinking I should have had my shit together by now but because of someone that is twice my age and knows the struggle and hustle that awaits for me, I’ve learned patience. Like holy shit patience is so huge in the world of growth and success. Also, self awareness. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Without it you have lost.

The one thing that really got me was this human being thing. Something about how hard it is to be born a human being. I’ve done my research and the statistics are correct everywhere i look and yes you have a 400 trillion to one chance being born a human being. Do you guys have any idea how this changed my views on life? Drastic change. I’m more than grateful for everything and everyone in my life i just want to hug and love on everyone. It really is a beautiful thing to have discovered.

So for the one person reading this, be grateful for your life. I’m keeping this short and simple because it’s 12:45am and i have to be up by 5:30am so be grateful. Spend time with your family and enjoy your life.

I’m 22 years old and I’m not saying drop everything you’re passionate about and go love on every person, but just take a couple minutes out of the day to show some gratitude towards someone you don’t know and I’ll do the same. I promise.