Eureka at Home: Supporting Families from the Start
Eureka Math

Thank you for the great suggestions! I am part of the Curriculum Development Team adapting the Eureka modules to work for our district. I teach 8th grade and next year will be the first year they are seeing Eureka. It will surely be a huge adjustment for our students. Our building has awesome, highly involved parents. I know that they would appreciate a math night at our school and would love to design activities for this! Most of the activities you suggested were for elementary, but still gave a good picture of how to model the student activities for parents. I’m wondering if you, or other readers, have suggestions for the higher grades when they haven’t used Eureka before? Any advice we can offer parents to help reassure them and prepare them for conversations at home? Our parents are great, but I anticipate some push-back. Any suggestions on navigating their concerns?

I’m really looking forward to rolling it out and seeing it in action. Thanks for the great post!

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