You missed the main point I was trying to make.
A Ennis

With respect you spent an awful lot of words speaking for every woman, young, old, and in between in the midst of your post that was just about you. I totally respect your feelings of distaste and aversion to the idea in question but I find it hard to take it seriously when you speak as if your life experience must be the standard, the default, the baseline for all women. The impression I got is you feel as if you know enough of what it is to be a woman to speak for all women. Maybe you do, I certainly don’t know one way or the other, but when I hear someone speak for an entire class it tends to make me trust their judgement less rather than more.

I am a member of many classes, but I can not speak for any of them beyond what I have experienced or witnessed. I’d like to think I wouldn’t dismiss the reality of other members of a class I belong who have a different frame of conception than I do.

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