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“Design is not just what is looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”(“Design Quotes.”). This quote by the most influential design innovators of our time, Steve Jobs, provides an very insightful observation of the functions and relevance of design in the modern day arena of technology. Most notably, Web design, has grown to be one of the most dynamic design disciplines due to the exponential growth of the Internet and the ever evolving tastes and preferences of the consumers. Despite web design functionalities being viewed and exercised countless times to carry out certain tasks online, many users struggle to decipher the fundamental concept of web design. The common user typically assumes that web design and web development are nearly the same process and often interchanges the two terms as they see fit. For the common user to gain a foundational knowledge they must examine the two practices in a completely new frame.

Web design is the process of designing a website or template that includes all of the graphic and visual elements you see on any given website. Web designers are also sometimes called “front end developers”(“Web Design vs Web Development.)”.The interpretation of web designers as front end developers varies depending on the strengths of a designer's skill set and the responsibilities of their given project. Ultimately, web designers focus on the look and feel of a website to create a memorable user experience. They utilize several skills such as color scheming, graphic design, page layout, typography, markup languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In unison with these skills, designers also utilize software programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and several others. Another aspect of web designers roles are to correctly design the website to meet the preferences and features that would attract their desired audience. Also, web designers must creatively and methodically create the format and overall look to build trust with those same desired individuals to main and build within that audience.Web design’s strong user-centric focus relies solely on the creativity and imaginative thinking of the web designers.

Web development is the programming required to construct the “back end” of a website. The back end is the area of the site that isn’t seen by visitors, but is necessary for the functionalities of the website to properly work. Web developers focus on creating the inner workings of a website in sync with the web designers formats and designs(“Web Design vs Web Development.”). Developers main skill set is programming in several languages such as Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, .NET, SQL, PHP and many more(“4 Things You Need to Know About Web Development and Web Design — Devon SEO.”). Web development is much more of a technical and logical process where the proficiency of the developers is dependent on linear thinking and experience in programming.

Despite the differences of these two aspects of how a website looks and functions, the two processes come together for a few commonalities. Another interesting aspect of the relationship is that web design is apart of the web development process. Web design is a major part of the web development process and a necessary skill for anyone that strives to be a web designer/ developer hybrid( “4 Things You Need to Know About Web Development and Web Design — Devon SEO.”). The two processes of design and development tie together to make aesthetically pleasing and well functioning websites. Looking back at Steve Jobs’ statements about design, especially for web design, we can understand how crucial design with development is to the next stages and evolutions of web design to come.


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