The Poké Path Less Taken

Sometimes, your muse picks you, and all that’s left is letting the art flow forth like a Pokéball closing the space between itself and an unsuspecting Charmander.

My Psyduck’s Waltz

I Carry Your Bulbasaur With Me

I heard a Ledyba buzz — when I died -

O Bulbasaur! My Bulbasaur!

The Pokéwocky

I Wandered Lonely As a Snorlax

It’s no use / Voltorb dear

The Nidoqueen of Ice-Cream

I Felt a Kangaskhan In My Brain

PokéSonnet 18

Poké Et Decorum Est

Into the Poké-Charged Air

The PokéOdyssey

Poké Noster

The PokéWasteland

Rime of the Ancient Pokémon Trainer

Phenomenal Charizard


The Hollow Pokémen

So much depends…


Anecdote of the Poké Ball

Beat! Beat! Machop!

Summer 2016


Anthem For Doomed PokéYouth

Wet iPhone Casements

The Pokémon Trainer as Hero