1. Houston texans(1–0)- The texans found theirselves an easy matchup week 1 facing a inexperienced Bears team and came away with 56–7 blowout win.
  2. Green Bay packers(1–0)- The Packers came into this season as a wildcard. They put up a very strong defensive performance week 1 holding the high powered Jaguars to just 10 point. 17–10 Cheeseheads.
  3. New York giants(1–0).The giants came out victorious in week 1 winning a high scoring battle against the Cowboys. Marcus mariota carries this team after no one expected him to do shit.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers(1–0)- The steelers were underrated coming into the season. They played a redskins team that expected a cake walk. This one ends in a shootout with the underdog steelers getting their first dub 50–42.
  5. Detroit lions(1–0) the lions had a field day and i mean corn grazing easy peezy field day. They win 59–3 over a colts team that needs some practice. This team is very cocky but could make a late playoff run

6. Cincinnati bengals(1–0) they won against the. cpu so not much to say here. They have a very talented roster though.

7. Tennessee Titans(1–0) the titans won on a sim. Lucky them, we will keep a close on the them as they have some tough games coming up.

8. Jacksonville jaguars(0–1) the jags lost a hard fought game 17–10 against the packers. they are expected to make the playoffs so we will monitor there bounce back this week.

9. Washington Redskins(0–1) the redskins find theirselves at 0–1 due to a casper like defense in a 50–42 loss. However this offense errupted like ron jeremy totaling 800 yards of offense. They look to rebound against the cowboys.

10. Dallas cowboys(0–1) the cowboys lost a shootout to the giants. They got lit up by mariota and now look to bounce back against the redskins.

11. Minnesota vikings(0–1) they lost on a sim but they have a former Nfl qb in mike hermann coaching this team. Look for a huge turn around as the coach might have time this week with his girlfriend gone.

12. Philadelphia Eagles(0–1) the eagles lost to the cpu which is never easy. Giants please take notes.

13. Chicago bears(0–1) the bears lost a blowout to this weeks top team in the texans 59–3. This could be a tough year for them.

14.Indianapolis colts(0–1) these guys are kind of umm bad but this colts team has no quit as there coach was mentored by coach ullery. They lose big against the lions but look to bounce back.

Baltimore ravens- unranked