Incantation Poem

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

Run. Go.

Push harder and faster and stronger until the door falls down

And you collapse onto the cold ground,

Onto your knees, bleeding, torn,

Screaming to stop, but you can’t.

Get up. Run. Keep going.

Through the harsh cold and the blistering heat,

Through anger and through pain and through sadness,

Sadness so deep you feel like you might snap open at the seams,

So deep you can feel your stomach rising in your throat

With each heaving breath,

With each mournful sob,

With each choked gasp for air.

Push harder. Go.

Faster and stronger and better,

Get up and run,

As fast as you can,

Until your legs give out beneath you,

Until your lungs can take no more,

Until the light fades and you’ve put up a wall against hope.

Push harder and faster and stronger until you win,

Or until you die.