Geek Grade Weekly Trend Report — 4/17/2016–4/23/2016

In honor of Prince, Crab Nebula, as Seen by Herschel and Hubble

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For our initial weekly report, there is a wide range of topics as expected. Most of them deal with technology or the tech industry but there were trending topics that were not technology related, including quite a few mentions of people remembering Prince, celebrating Earth Day, and some inspirational topics. Listed below are a few weekly trending topics that I really enjoyed. Below them are the top 25 mentioned pieces of online content along with the top 30 mentioned keywords. I hope you find this content to be as interesting as I find it.

My Favorite Trending Topics

  • “The web is Doom” by Ronan Cremin. Ronan made the case in July 2015 that the average web page weight was approaching the size of the old Doom install image, a prediction that became true earlier this year. His article then goes to point out how some of the top websites have bucked this trend in order to maintain high levels of performance.
  • A Protocol for Dying by Pieter Hintjens. Pieter provides a sobering and thought provoking article on his struggle as his end of life approaches. It helped me better understand what countless people go through as the end of their life approaches or how their friends and family should help support them through this time period. I strongly encourage everyone to read this, it served as a great reminder to me of what is truly important in our lives.
  • “Announcing Apex Software Inc” by TJ Holowaychuk. One of my favorite developers is starting a new company called Apex Software Inc. He is planning to shift his focus more towards products which excites me because I already love and use several of his creations. I encourage you to watch what he produces closely, it is sure to interesting and valuable.
  • “Curing Our Slack Addiction” by Dave Teare. As a Slack addict myself, I’m always curious to hear how others are using it in their work environments. Dave shares how his team has used it, why they love it, the problems it causes them and ultimately why they have elected to move away from it.

Most Popular Content References

#1 — The web is Doom — mobiForge

#2 — Detecting the use of “curl | bash” server side | Application Security

#3 — A Protocol for Dying —

#4 — Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

#5 — Space Images: Wallpaper — NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

#6 — Hire Me —

#7 — Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others — “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” — YouTube

#8 — Projects —

#9 — Windows Subsystem for Linux Overview | Windows Subsystem for Linux

#10 — Announcing Apex Software Inc — Apex Software — Medium

#11 — Node.js ES2015/ES6 support

#12 — U.S. spy court judge dismissed privacy advocate’s concerns about data use — LA Times

#13 — The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive Thruster

#14 — Home — Precious Plastic

#15 — On the Road to Recap: | Above the Crowd | By Bill Gurley

#16 — AgileBits Blog | Curing Our Slack Addiction

#17 — Tendril perversion — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

#18 — Typing With Pleasure

#19 — I am Alex St. John’s Daughter, and He is Wrong About Women in Tech — Medium

#20 — Precious Plastic — Promo — YouTube

#21 — NPR on Twitter: “UPDATE: New $20 bill will keep an image of Andrew Jackson on the back, with Harriet Tubman on the front of the bill."

#22 — Recruiting, Training and Retaining GIANTS

#23 — The problems with forcing regular password expiry | CESG Site

#24 — Remoties questionnaire

#25 — How .NET Standard relates to .NET Platforms · GitHub

Most Popular Keywords

#1 Prince

#2 EarthDay

#3 RIPPrince

#4 opensource

#5 golang

#6 DevoxxFR

#7 javascript

#8 gamedev

#9 cats

#10 nodejs

#11 IoT

#12 rstats

#13 dataviz

#14 JavaScript

#15 docker

#16 security

#17 programming

#18 Python

#19 DevOps

#20 NYPrimary

#21 startup

#22 reactjs

#23 PHP

#24 devops

#25 Scala

#26 linux

#27 devopsdays

#28 java

#29 Linux

#30 fsharp