< is for back

You click on a story in the Facebook iOS App and a web browser launches. You might want to follow a link within that page, only to decide to go back. So you click on the “back” arrow on the top left, but — surprise — the web browser just closed.

If you really wanted to go back to the previous web page, Facebook provides the browser history buttons inconspicuously at the bottom left of the screen. Yeah, I know, I always miss them too.

Fair enough, the bottom left is the default location for the history buttons in Safari but I always mistake the top left arrow for the back button. Because it’s an arrow. Pointing back.

You know what? It doesn’t have to be like that. And it’s rather simple to solve…

Don’t use an arrow.

Before and After

PS: I really hope someone at Facebook reads this post. Share this if you think we can reach their web browsers.

I’m Constantinos Demetriadis, a digital designer based in Athens, Greece. I’ve been designing since 1998. Find out more about me at ohmylovely.com.