WANTED! Blockchain Developer aka Hades

As Hades, the God of the underworld, you will be responsible for the most mysterious part of our crypto marketplace — smart contracts!

Death is what brings people to Hades, the death of a relationship, personality, or even the death of hope, purpose, and meaning in your job, project, or startup. But not in our case :) We will give you wings and teach you to have fun with mortals!

Hades has psychic powers and can see auras, being completely submerged in his own blockchain world. We would expect from you:

  • Design, create, support and optimize Smart Contracts using Solidity

Hades is stern, grim, fair, and his decisions are final. We need someone really cool:

  • Proficiency with Git
  • Good understanding of issue-tracking platforms, such as Jira
  • Extensive experience with commercial development
  • Good knowledge of the Ethereum infrastructure and the principles of Smart Contract
  • Proficiency with Solidity
  • Understanding of Testrpc/Parity/Geth/Remix
  • OpenZeppelin or similar frameworks
  • Understanding of EthereumJ, Truffle.js, Web3.js, Ethereumjs or similar
  • Experience in implementing commercially used Smart Contracts

We are looking not for just a top performer, but the powerful God of Blockchain. Be our mysterious Hades, the Macho! Your blockchain domain can be based anywhere. No challenges due to your identity, citizenship, gender or disability! We want to hear from you; drop us a line at hello@cder.io. Let’s have fun in the battles for control of the crypto universe!


CDER.IO is the next generation decentralized crypto-derivatives exchange based on Ethereum smart contracts and designed by professional traders to hedge financial risks with the main focus on traders’ funds safety.

Welcome aboard!
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