WANTED! Frontend Developer aka Apollo

We’re looking for you… and your passion to turn arts and healing magic into unique frontend solutions!

There are many stories about Apollo bringing tragedy to his lovers and others due to his jealous and short temper. But we believe your shining light will preclude your wrath :)

With all the sunshine of your creativity and good looks, we want you to:

  • Drive the development of the frontend part of our crypto exchange project
  • Fast prototyping of new user interactions and iteration based on feedback from peers
  • Work closely with designers and business to define and implement elegant solutions to challenges

We adore your shooting skills and… oh my!.. What a golden sword! By the way, we will also appreciate your frontend qualifications:

  • Vue.js framework experience
  • Good JavaScript (es8), HTML5 and CSS3 development skills
  • Proficiency with Git
  • Good understanding of issue-tracking platforms, such as Jira
  • Experience in implementing unit tests
  • Coffeescript (2.2)
  • Stylus / pug / css grid-layout
  • GraphQL (apollo / subscriptions)
  • Selenium (chrome headless) e2e testing. Mocha, etc
  • Understanding of web3 / metamask / blockchain / ethereum
  • Experience with node js
  • Async await / Promise / Observable
  • Pixel perfect skills

We are looking not for just a top performer, but a real passionate God of Light and Frontend. Be our shining light! Your Olympus can be located anywhere, we won’t imprison you in an office. No challenges due to your identity, nationality, gender or disability! Drop us a line at hello@cder.io and let’s have fun in the battles for control of the crypto universe!


CDER.IO is the next generation decentralized crypto-derivatives exchange, based on Ethereum smart contracts and designed by professional traders to hedge financial risks with the main focus on traders’ funds safety.

Welcome aboard!
Welcome to join CDER.IO marketplace during Alpha and Beta release. We would love to get your feedback to build the most reliable and user-friendly exchange. More details how to join our platform at http://cder.io

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