The Takeaway

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My natural hairstyle changes frequently, and pre-pandemic, I wore it in a short, tight, coily wash-and-go style or, other times, in small twists or flat-ironed. The style that elicited the most attention was my Afro, which was larger than Angela Davis’ signature hairstyle.

I was accustomed to inquiries about my…

Black mother talking to her daughter outside.
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I’ve called my son “Big Head” twice in public. The first time was at his pediatrician’s office while he was being examined. His pediatrician looked at me horrified. I was outwardly embarrassed, but slightly amused internally. The second time was with a friend and her child, and she had the…

Carolyn Desalu

Essayist + lifestyle writer. Bylines in Thrillist, Catapult, Essence, The Globe and Mail, Atlanta Journal-Constitution + more. Literary agents, holler.

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