PlanGrid research and design team on site

Three times a year, PlanGrid treks up to Waterloo to do co-op interviews for our design and research teams. We’ve received a variety of feedback about our interview process, both before (apprehension) and after (confusion), so I want to provide some context and hopefully allay some fears.

My colleague Chantal has previously described what we’re looking for when we interview co-ops, including how to catch our eye with your portfolio. Read that first if you’re interested in working at PlanGrid (or, really, anywhere), as it’s full of useful advice. …

The potential of noise


It probably won’t surprise anyone that sound has always been a core part of using a phone. It was also part of the computing experience from early on, although not always deliberately. As mobile devices become the primary computing experience for more people, there’s an interesting opportunity to build on this heritage and make audio a bigger part of what we design. There’s also a big chance to make horrible mistakes like it’s the 90s and we’ve all got a shiny new copy of Flash. …


Design manager at PlanGrid, in New York & San Francisco.

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