How to use Nekojishi translation tool

下載工具 (Download tool)

For 1.01: Windows / Mac
For 1.02: Windows / Mac
For 1.03: Windows / Mac
For 1.04: Windows / Mac

填妥相關參數 (Filled out the form)

參數說明 (Description)

  1. (optional)Import path: 匯入舊翻譯。(You can import your old translation folder.)
  2. (optional)Comment Language: 翻譯時的對照文本。(Comment language in translation file.)
  3. Language label: 程式用的語言標籤,必須是全英文且不和既有標籤(zhHant/zhHans/english/japanese)撞名。(This label is used for distinguishing different language in game. It must be in english and unique.)
  4. Display name:在遊戲中顯示的語言名稱。(This is the name display in Nekojishi. It can be Unicode.)
  5. Half/Full Width: 全形或半形字體。(Your language font is halfwidth or fullwidth.)
  6. 按下Generate生成翻譯資料夾。(Click “Generate” to generate a translation folder.)

將翻譯資料夾放入遊戲的翻譯目錄中 (Put the translation folder into your game)

產生翻譯資料夾 (Generate a translation folder)

放入遊戲翻譯路徑 (Put it into the tl folder in Nekojishi game)
 Windows: (Nekojishi/game/tl)
 Mac: (

執行遊戲 (Run Nekojishi)

Run Nekojishi and open setting, you’ll find your language is add into the game

翻譯遊戲 (Translate game)

Use Text editor open .rpy file in translation folder.

There are two different translation text. One called “string”.

The other is “script”.

More translation information please check the renpy document.