Reminding people to be friendly and nice online is a fine idea.

Thanks for the response. It’s great that you love OkCupid, but you seem to be unusually defensive of a business that customers can certainly have legit critiques of.

You yourself have acknowledged in some of your other numerous posts on this subject that no rules or policies here have changed, so this announcement is just for the sake of what exactly…a post for the sake of filling a blog post quota?

Obviously this is a generality, but women don’t generally send offensive initial messages because they generally don’t send ANY initial messages. (obviously some, but not nearly as many as men) Women want to have their cake (keep the passive role in dating and not have to face the risk of rejection) and eat it too (never have to deal with seeing any awkward + clumsy flirting attempts from anybody they don’t want to). I don’t think reality works like that.

As for harassing behavior from some women, they aren’t all little angels. Obviously they don’t send generally send dick/vag picks, but I’ve seen plenty of profiles boasting about publishing awkward flirting screenshots online and trying to shame essentially clumsy ugly people who dared to be attracted to them while socially awkward and other bad behavior from women like that. But as usual, only the actions of men are ever discussed in a negative light.

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