I’m very sorry you were assaulted and mistreated by my fellow Berniecrats.
Brendon Carpenter

Bernie Bros need to get out, and never come back, so, good chant. Consider that foreshadowing. Oh, to imagine what could have been had the words Clinton supporters said been heeded…

In general, the Sanders supporters I met, and continue to meet, have blind spots, and as this article suggests the unconscious misogyny of seemingly progressive circles is in fact misogyny (and not the lite version either), and needs to be addressed and people need to be educated on the ways in which they perpetuate this type of oppression. I don’t believe all Sanders supporters (or even Bernie Bros) to be deliberately malicious, but mistakes are made, and my observations tell me too many aren’t interested in the uncomfortable task of acknowledging harmful behavior and taking active steps (ALL the time) to correct said behavior.

Sanders is not a progressive to further expand on your points. He’s sexist (and misogynistic).

And it wasn’t traumatic, rather it was expected and unsurprising.

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