Edible Vegan Insects
Jeremy Puma

I only once ate an insect (well, that I wittingly consumed). It was 6th grade outdoor survival class. If we ate a grub — as in chewed it up and allowed the whole class to verify via gawking at outstretched tongue — we received an instant A for the class.

Other treats to look for this time of year are the emerging fiddleheads of Polystichum munitum , sword fern. While it’s a little early here in Seattle, soon you can find the coiled heads at the base of the ferns. Sautéed with a little ghee, garlic, chili powder and cumin seeds and they make a fine side dish (or in my case, main course) to any meal. For those that haven’t tried fiddleheads, they are a bit reminiscent of asparagus in taste and texture.

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