5 Keys for Design Thinking for Success

In order to succeed their must be a solution. Success can be obtained in many ways or forms. Design thinking proves to be one of the most successful ways to achieve success. Whether it be for work, team project, or etc., design thinking can help break the bondary and arise to success. To get to that success they’re 5 keys your’re gonna have to know in order to be successful.

Empathy: This is the backbone of the design thinking process. With all of your users you need to do the following, observe, engage, and immerse. To further explain you need to view the users within their life, talking to them at certain times, and try to experience what you user experiences. You need to be able to connect with the user on their level. Almost as if you’re thinking and acting like the user. Doing so will help you to further understand who your trying to attract and keep reeled in.

Define: Now that you understand who the users are in a sense, nows the the time to extract the needs of the user from empathy. Also you can come up with an actionable problem statement from your point-of-view. This POV can be unique and stretch any thinking process in the brain. You can who and what it is directed towards. From your point-of-view you can do several things. This includes inspiring your team, gets the “brain power” going, gives focus and stability, plus so much more.

Ideate: Don’t think narrow, always think wide. Garther together a wide array of ideas for this step. This helps to transition out of identifying problem and now more so solving problems. Go above and beyond the thinking process to provide wider variety of solutions for problems at hand. Grab high amounts of ideas so you explore more options of solutions. Don’t think simple in this step, think big and complex. Help to gather you and team together.

Prototype: Now it’s time to get all of these great ideas out of that brain to see which to put into action. Learn and adapt to your solutions and find the right one to implement. Doing this can help you gain a better understanding of the workspace. Uses these prototypes to refine your solutions. Keep trying and trying until you find the right solution. Work around team problems and find successful.

Test: Testing is a perfect opportunity to test solutions. Doing so will show you the flaws through your process of design thinking. Sometimes you just got to go back and redo your thinking. Testing can also provide oprotunity to improve empathy.

Now its your turn to use these keys to success to help bring you to the top, so what are you waiting for!

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