A quick-cdm-take on Facebook f8

I was in Germany last night and I have been able to follow Facebook f8 from their live streaming. Mark Zuckerberg opening keynote was more of a political positioning than a social media statement. His call for hope vs fear and bridges vs walls was a clear message to a global audience that he wants totally connected. Also laying out a 10 year roadmap is definitively a bold statement.

The 10 year vision for Facebook was laid out well in three different parts: Technology, Products and Ecosystem which is a framework we should adopt in certain instances as it describes quite well the layers of the business.

Facebook Live can make quite an impact as it is now open to ingest from multiple sources. This is something a lot of publishers and broadcast can/should hop on quite soon at least to experiment what results they can get from it compared to other existing channels. I am quite skeptical of a wide users adoption of live streaming as a form of normal communication — with Periscope I still see it as used in a mediatic way — i.e. from people that want to communicate with an audience and are quite self-confident and assertive in doing it. Maybe Facebook can change this but please also consider that we have live video enable phones since many years and i have not seen a boom in that sue case still.

Bots on Messenger, chatbots #whateveryoucallit; weeks after Satya Nadella announcement at BUILD, now as expected also Facebook is launching a platform. Zuckerberg’s view is very radical in the way bots can replace vertical apps and so pose quite a threat to Apple and Android app stores. Customer service and shopping are in the examples he mentioned 
This also poses a threat to twitter as that is the de-facto standard for social customer service even if with a different angle for now.
When is twitter launching a Bot platform by the way?
In any case we will need to wait some experimentation time before we see some really useful use case.

360 camera and sub-system still in the high range at 30k and open sourced is quite a disruption in a rapidly evolving scenario that sees a bunch of medium players taking positions (Next VR, Jaunt VR…) and giants like Nokia VR with their Ozo Camera and end-to-end system being possibly the most appealing and high-end solution available on the market.

Some more stuff announced but you can read it elsewhere :) like here for example:

Is Facebook eating google and all the rest? I kinda feel it that way…

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