Bringing this summer (tested) innovations to a wider market

What a summer for deltatre!
We have been involved in may top sports events with hundreds of people involved in almost all continents from Russia to the US, from Europe to Asia.
We provided the full spectrum of deltatre sports services platform from digital to OTT to broadcast graphics and official data to clients on both sides: of the rights equation: rights owners and rights holders, sports properties and media companies.
Billions of fans have experienced sports on a deltatre provided solution and our clients have broken records and won awards.
At the core of all this and enabling our creative and operational capabilities are 3 deltatre products: Diva, Forge, and Magma.
On the back of these successful deliveries, we would like to make these products available to a wider market as they have been successfully stress-tested for the most demanding event on the planet.

We are now announcing new versions for all 3 product lines:
1. Diva 4.3 — Our video platform latest version, the best beyond-tv experience available on the market at the heart of our OTT solution.
2. Forge 2018.3 — Our sport-specific CMS for web & apps, state-of-art editorial back-office completely re-written but based on 20 years experience with the most visited websites in sports
3. Magma Engine 1.1 — Our new revolutionary Unity-based graphic and AR/VR engine, delivering amazing results with an interesting pricing model

Any interest? Talk to us at
We are now ready for the start of a lot of new seasons between now and September on a global scale.
Let’s have fun and watch some sports.