cdmTALKS: Mark Lichtenhein on EU portability

On February 8th the European Commission sent out a Press Release indicating the agreement on the online subscriptions portability rule that will allow users in all EU country that pay for a subscription online to be able to access the content regardless of the EU country they travel to, starting from 2018.

This will clearly impact sport OTT based solution both from media companies/broadcasters and sport properties.

At deltatre we are clearly monitoring the evolution of the directive and preparing for the change.

On a more strategic and business level this is part of a wider initiative that goes under the name of Digital Single Market (DSM).

One of the most prepared and opinionated person I know in the business on this subject is Mark Lichtenhein, Chairman at the Sports Rights Owners Coalition and Ladies European Tour (Golf).

I have realised an interview with him to better understand the matter and hear his views on the impact of both the portability rule and the wider DSM campaign.

“The objective is to ensure that Europeans who buy or subscribe to online content services providing access to films, sports broadcasts, music, e-books and games at home are able to access them when they travel in other EU countries.”

Original Press Release from the EU

Mark’s original article on DSM

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