Latest from Apple, Ten Years After @CDM Review

Start from the Steve Jobs tribute by Tim Cook.
Taking the risk to sound boringly emotional, I loved it and it meant a lot to me. Steve’s initial quote is something I relate deeply.

I was a fan of Angela Ahrendts at Burberry and I am still curious to understand what she is up to at Apple, not so clear until now. Not sure I completely get the Town Squares concept, Today at Apple seems rebranding but moving out of the store for education seems cool. Some new stores are breath-taking.

Watch OS 4 (out Sep 19) start to make the Apple Watch more and more useful for fitness especially. 
The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular data, makes an important shift. For me it means going to meeting with no Macbook pro or iPad or iPhone and still get important messages or notifications.

Apple TV4K (out Sep 22 and later) we know about 4K HDR, BUT what they announced for Sports can be extremely powerful, and another step to create alternatives to native OTT and aggregating sports for users.

iPhone 8 (out Sep 22) irrelevant.

iOS 11 (out Sep 19) we know about it, curious about AR.

iPhone X (Out Nov 3) The Future of the SmartPhone. Maybe not as revolutionary as the first iPhone, but finally a boldest step forward from Apple. No button: cool, Face-ID: cool, AR… could be transformational. Impressive photography.

Air power: cool.

So Joni Ive has not disappeared. Great promo video, as always, for the iPhone X presentation.

No music at the end but worth listening for 1,5 hrs.

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