[Music] Multi-room music listening better than stereo?

I have been listening to music all of my life in different ways through the years and I am currently on a mix of Spotify through Alexa and bluetooth speakers and vinyls through a small hi-fi setup, not to mention various type of headsets.

I have recently extended the digital listening with a simple multi-room setup and had no specific expectations in terms of experience.

I found that multi-room listening is a more emotionally rich experience than pure stereo listening.

Maybe because when I am home I am constantly moving in the house but being able to have the music following me through really adds something to it.

It maybe not the same for most but it fits my current way of life.
Many people may have the luxury to place themselves in an ideal position with the stereo setup, but that sounds so 1986…

I still consider listening with a good pair of headsets the most full-filling experience and one where each aspect of the music can be savoured properly, not underestimated the car-alone-high-volume one too, to be honest.

Looking back

A bit of background.

My music experience went through different phases during the last (ehm…) 40 years.

Vinyl. Everything started with the first Vinyl I received as a gift, ‘Let it Be” from the Beatles in 1976 and the Vinyl phased evolved with spending most of my available money as a teenager on used records in a small shop close to my high school (Collectors Corner) in Torino.

Cassette Tapes. In parallel the cassette tape period was a great complement to share music before the social age and create inspirational playlists — sorry mix-tapes — for potential girlfriends.

Attempt which often did not served the purpose if not in disseminating a bit of new music in a than quite narrow-minded Torino.

CD. During the late 80s I guess I transitioned from Vinyl to CD and adopted a small portable SONY CD player that i brought with me during any trip of the first working period for sport events. As I moved and had less space for the full hi-fi stereo stack I out all vinyls in a box and store them away. The CD was winning the battle.

Digital I. I completely skipped the Napster era as — a bit because of the environment I was working on and a bit because I have always been not too keen to do things illegally.

Music downloads. I started paying music downloads to Apple when Apple music came out with the iPod generation and have spent quite some money to own digital music.

Spotify. The moment Spotify came to Italy, I mean that first week, I stopped paying Apple and subscribed to it immediately. I have never paid to own music from that moment on.

Vinyl comeback. Now with more space to at least setup a small footprint hi-fi stack, I happily brought back all old vinyls and also started buying again some used ones in stores as I travel. Found great stores in London, Tokyo, NYC and LA.