NFL Top 100 Players for 2019

carlo de marchis
Aug 1 · 2 min read

Like every year NFL Networks has a show just before the HOF game that selects the 100 top Player of the upcoming season based on players votes.

I just created another of my quick web apps based on the glide platform for quick access to the list and some cool findings:

  1. Tom Brady is not no.1 anymore
  2. The team with better-positioned players are the Chargers, followed by Cowboys and Saints
  3. The top WR is Antonio Brown at no.1 and the top QB is Drew Breese at no.2
  4. There are 20 WRs, 15 QBs, 12 DEs, 11 LBs, etc…
  5. The top mover up is JJ Watt with +72 positions from 2018

Have fun!

Use your iPhone camera on this QR code to launch the app

carlo de marchis

Written by

@CDM / Chief Product & Marketing Officer @deltatre

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