Project OneMP: One Million Penalties

So, FIFA World Cup.

Busy times at deltatre, like super busy times both in Russia and in our offices in Torino, Switzerland, and London.

But as a fan, hmmm.
I have a lot of time on my hands.

So, let’s play a bit with anything that comes to my mind for FIFA World Cup and start from something that I tried to bring to market but I could not fid a way to make it happen until now, and as it is far too late, I decided to open source it.

Let’s start.

OneMP Project

Follow me.

My personal experience with FIFA World Cup started in Mexico 1970, on black and white TV then peaked in Spain 1982 with Italy triumph than this happens.

July 17 1994

“Penalties are only missed by those who have the courage to take them.” Roberto Baggio

Yeah right.

Let’s think about our English friends now, anything comes to your mind?

Quite a long list:

  • 1990 World cup
  • 1996 EURO
  • 1998 World CUP
  • 2004 EURO
  • 2006 World CUP
  • 2012 EURO
  • 2017 U17 — U21


Something needs to be done!

One Million Penalties

Get a nation to shoot penalties for Team England.

Mission statement

“We want to get the whole nation to shoot penalties for England.
1 Million Penalties before the World Cup.
This time we want the Nation to inspire the Team”

WHY: Move a nation

It’s fun and auto-ironic
It engages everybody
It’s physical
It’s experiential
Can involve companies
Can involve schools

HOW: Involve everybody

Start from the physical penalty shootout
Amplify it on all platforms and engage fans
Associate sponsors to it
Can also work for expats in the EU, Commonwealth and everywhere else

WHAT: Get people to shoot penalties

Create penalty shootout mini-pitch to move around the nation
Record every penalty
Keep a nation wide score, county, city, company, school etc…
Allow crowdsourced input and videos
We can imagine a dedicated website, mobile app, social channels and being embedded in the official one from TheFA
A mega counter in Trafalgar square and a permanent pitch
This can be expanded further.


Is this just a stupid idea?

The biggest impact is if this is a TheFA initiative not a sponsor led one, I would try this route first and be very convinced of the value to the nation. Most likely a multiple sponsor supported initiative would be sustainable.

This seems quite aligned with English humor and attitude.

The FA may like it or see it as a distraction or putting pressure on the team.

It may fire back if again England loses on penalty and also affect brands connected to it, hopefully not.

Is it too late? Now maybe yes.

The FA — England Football Association — is the target of this concept, who came to my mind connecting some dots and by living with a British citizen.