The last 8 teams and 184 players at the World Cup

Let’s look at who is still in Russia and do a bit of statsonomics.

With 4 matches played by each team some interesting patters start to emerge for the 8 teams that have won their Round of 16 game and are still in for the final part.

Where are they playing?
Which club or league is more represented?
Who hasn’t played yet?
Who has played all matches?
Who has been on the pitch always for all matches?

Where are they playing?

Premier League always strong as England is in and has all 23 players, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga also still quite involved.

The English clubs (as above) are leading the group, PSG and its many talent are very involved as Spanish clubs are too.

Who has played every match and who has not yet?

These are the poor guys who never entered the pitch yet. The unsung heroes.

Who played every single minute?

Considering extra-times, these guys are the stamina heroes.
For England and Belgium, that is only the goalkeeper!

Who are the most experienced?

If we sum the number of international caps for each team we see how England is the more fresh team and Belgium the more experienced.

Who is the youngest team?

France is the youngest team, England close by with quite a gap from the others.

Who runs the most?

Using the tracking data collected at the venue.

When are the born? What month is more popular?

March! Yeah, that’s my month.

Regardless, I am still not playing in Russi…

Thanks to Federico Falco for helping me with the data.