When you have a new passion, your friends may not know. Your phone does!

carlo de marchis
Sep 18 · 2 min read

Something that just struck me today and I felt the urgency to share.

I have recently started to be interested in EDM music production, which in essence is making music mostly with your computer.
Music has always been a passion for me and in my 20s I have been an embarrassing bass player in 80s new wave bands.

It’s astonishing how much material there is out there to learn, YouTube is filled with educational and training videos, both about music theory and style and the technology behind it to make it happen.
As I just started I have not talked or shared this with many, as the results are obviously embarrassing.

What I realized is that, because of me using digital and social platforms to explore EDM music production content, I am now constantly targeted with ads and native content about it.

So my friends don’t know, my phone does!

(And it took less than one day to understand that)

Is that bad?

ok, that’s a bigger debate. Privacy, personal data sharing etc… without mentioning Facebook and Cambridge Analytica (by the way go on Netflix and watch “The Great Hack” documentary).

So, yes definitively creepy, but in this case does it really bother me, or should it?

In my personal experience, I am not bothered that much as I have used that targeted content push as an opportunity to discover new things. I understand that in a broader scenario my data can be used maliciously and that is something I would not tolerate (when I find out).

I guess the marketing technology behind this, it’s quite clear to people reading this post, happy to dig deeper if anybody is more curious.

Still, this thing quite defines the times we live in, not judging just highlighting it and I am honestly fascinated by it.

Definitively a great soundbite: Your friends may not know. Your phone does!

carlo de marchis

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@CDM / Chief Product & Marketing Officer @deltatre

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