People don’t respect Millennials

This is going to be more a personal post about people my age (I’m 22) and the lack of respect they get in regards to their political opinions. I understand that there are idiots in my age group, but there’s idiots in every age group. So don’t try to tell me that millennials protesting on Januray 20th were violent and that’s why no one respects their opinion. Nevertheless, let’s begin:

  1. I was at work and eating dinner with an older lady, maybe in her 70’s. She’s VERY old fashioned, once telling me I need to find a girl who will cook for me. Her way of thinking doesn’t bother me because I understand she grew up in a different time so that’s not really the point. However she is the type of person who thinks Obama has a fake birth certificate and is from Africa. She’s a staunch Republican and thinks they can never do anything wrong. Anyways, what she said to me still bothers me to this day and it was extremely disrespectful. “You’re young and will learn eventually”. Like what the fuck is that supposed to even mean? I’m young so my opinion doesn’t? Well guess fucking what. The only way I’m going to “learn” is if you challenge my opinions with a real debate and not use ad hominem attacks. Calling me young throws all of your credibility out the window. What was strange is that we were having a perfectly fine conversation about politics for like 5 minutes and then she said that. Maybe it’s cause I made a point that she couldn’t refute. I don’t know and I really don’t care. Being old does not mean you know more, just like having a college degree doesn’t mean you know more.

2. I was sitting in the office talking to a guy, maybe like 35, about politics and it was a decent conversation to start. Out of nowhere he says “as you get older you’re opinions will change because most older people are conservatives. How in the fucking world does that make sense. We just had Bernie Sanders, a self proclaimed democratic socialist, and Hillary Clinton running on the Democratic side. They are BOTH REALLY OLD. This goes back to the point I made in the last section: how is my opinion ever going to change if you don’t challenge it. Telling me it’s going to change as I get older isn’t going to do anything. I’m not just going to wake up tomorrow and have a different opinion. That’s not how it works. I just don’t understand what makes my opinion any less valid than someone who’s in their 40’s.

To sum all that up: Age doesn’t mean shit. You’re not going to change my opinion by calling me young. I mean come on, I was being told that my opinion is basically irrelevant by someone who believes Obama is from Kenya. Who would you rather debate with: a 22 year old or a 70 year old lady who watched Fox News and believes Obama is a Muslim and isn’t from America?