Why I Gave Up Eternal Life, Stopped Being Afraid of Satan, and Walked Away from the Mormon Church
Anne Malmborg

Your article didn’t say why you chose to walk away from the Church. You reference that you have studied, and found some ‘truth’, but then you did not mention what that truth actually is. And that’s what I’m asking you here, what is the truth that you have found, and what does it profess? Lots of religions and people on the planet, but what teachings are actually those which are correct? What truth have you found that is more truth than what The Church of Jesus Christ teaches?

You see, what I have learned, is that forever is just a long long long long time, and all of mortality is just this big classroom teaching us to learn how to happily exist with other humans for the rest of forever. And yes, understanding truth is very much essential to allowing people to do such forever living in the best possible ways. So, what is the supposed truth that you have somehow discovered?

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