Why Homeowners are choosing Drought Landscaping?

As a homeowner and a contractor myself I love the idea of drought succulent landscaping for my house. The reason is very simple when it comes down to whats important to me; saving money, and helping California.

If enough people decide to make a different, our state can stop spamming emergency drought messages across fwy to save itself. Drought Succulent landscaping can help us by lowering our utility bills would drop significantly and the extra money can be used for more beneficial things like helping a homeless, saving an animal in need, or even doing something nice for yourself.

Don’t misunderstand my message. In Los Angeles, so many people have extra money to spend on water and keeping the lawn barely alive. The state is calling this “brown is the new green” but I dont see it that way. I rather have a small but water resistant landscaping area and have green succulents all over the place instead of brown/dead grass. Am I crazy?

What our clients have noticed is that on average they saved $127.00 when they removed their front and backyard dead lawn and replaced it with mulch, decomposed granite, succulents, and concrete. Some even went as far as getting the artificial grass to keep the grass look without the extra costs of maintenance.

Read more here: https://medium.com/@innercityskyline/why-homeowners-are-choosing-drought-landscaping-770668b6d96b

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