Chasity Docteur
Feb 1 · 2 min read

Turning My Pain Into My Passion: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma

I have always been interested in attachment styles and how a parent-child relationship can affect ones entire life. I think I was trying to figure out why I was built this way, why I chose to live my life in the way I did. I was always looking for a solution, or an answer to my problems, a way to justify the bad. Growing up, I overcame adversity in many ways. I do not think I realized how much adversity I actually faced until my aunt poured into me, explaining how through God’s grace I am here to today despite the things I had endured. I expressed to someone how as a child I experienced physical and sexual abuse, and they said to me “the upside of trauma is that we can become more sensitized to certain things in order to influence change for the better. It’s about making pearls out of feelings of pain.” I had been emailing this amazing women back and forth trying to put together ways we can raise awareness, and bring peace to future generations, and today I finally read through the email to see that. It honestly made my heart smile. God works in mysterious ways and for a long time I questioned him, I questioned myself and life as a whole because it didn’t add up, that we as human beings have to go about life as if our trauma is a stepping stone or even something that is swept under the rug because it is too much for others or even ourselves to understand and bring to light. I believe I am here today to shed light, or as someone in Yoga said on Friday “be the sunshine” when the darkness of our past tries to creep in. Overcoming trauma is very difficult but embarking on this healing process is more rewarding than words can describe. Doing all that I can to be the voice I did not have as a child, and putting together ways to prevent and heal those who have dealt with any form of abuse is where my heart is. I feel as though God is paving the way to fulfill my purpose by turning my adversity into my passion. I am currently an Undergrad studying Health Science and I plan to purse my Masters of Public Heath, with the hopes of implementing preventative measures to eliminate the stigma around mental health, and trauma, as well as bringing awareness to Adverse Childhood Experiences. It all starts with our children and if we can educate and heal them, this world can see the peace we are all searching and yearning for. My name is Chasity Docteur and this is my story.

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Undergraduate at the University of New Haven.